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New rescue deal for jobs and firms

Chancellor Rishi Sunak unveils three extra support measures

Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak, unveiled further support on 22 October 2020 for jobs and workers impacted by the coronavirus (COVID-19). Announced alongside a package of business grants for companies in areas facing higher levels of coronavirus restrictions, the expansion comes after Mr Sunak first announced the Job Support Scheme to replace furlough. Continue reading “New rescue deal for jobs and firms”

Planning for succession

How you will ‘slice up your wealth pie?’

There is no easy way to say it – anticipating one’s death is an uncomfortable topic. Yet it is often worth pushing past the initial discomfort to pursue the potential rewards of effective wealth transfer planning. There are three places your assets can go at your death: to your family and friends, to charity or to the government in the form of taxes. Continue reading “Planning for succession”