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At Reeves Financial we offer a Wealth Management Service with a focus on what matters most to you. Our expert wealth advisory team work closely with you to develop a long-term strategy that reflects your financial goals, your personal circumstances, and your attitude to risk.

We will help you to find the right financial solutions and long-range financial goals according to your unique financial profile. This can include investment decisions, pension planning, retirement planning, succession planning, tax optimisation, and estate planning.

We are completely Independent (whole of market), and financial solutions will be recommended based on your risk profile, investable assets, your personal circumstances, objectives and goals. We make strategic wealth management plans according to the unique position of each client.

We take time to understand your financial goals and aspirations to determine the best plan and solutions for you. We look to build an established relationship with you to ensure your long-term financial goals are met and we continue to work together, monitoring and advising you on a regular basis.

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Investment Planning

We offer advice to ensure your investment portfolio is tailored to your agreed needs. We explore all options to understand how you view risk, and to ascertain your investment priorities. For example, we can tailor your portfolio to include guaranteed funds, or moderately cautious investments. Also, we could consider alternatives if you would like to explore options for additional growth. Or perhaps you are interested in investing in ‘sustainable’ type of fund portfolios.

Whatever your personal preferences are when it comes to investing, we will ensure we fully understand your priorities before we give any advice to manage investments for you. Your personal preferences, and attitude to risk, will always be fully explored and understood. Our team will work together to maximise your wealth, and work to preserve your capital in line with your agreed risk profile. This will depend on your individual circumstances, needs, and objectives.

Pension Planning

Ensuring your pension is in order is one thing you can do to secure your future finances. Our professional Wealth Management team has the knowledge and expertise to ensure your pension fund has the right options, is flexible, tax efficient, and is suitable for your specific needs and circumstances.

Retirement Planning

If you’ve reached retirement, or are about to retire, our Wealth Management advisers can help you make the most of your pension benefits. We can assess your circumstances and help you to identify, understand, and manage your invested Portfolio and other Schemes.

Protecting you and your Estate

We will help you prepare to be in a position to hand down created wealth to the next generation, if that is appropriate for you. We can help you put plans in place to provide for you, and your family, should the worst happen. We can help with:

Succession Planning

If you have built your wealth, for example, on growing a successful business, we can help you when you want to step down from the helm, and retire.

Investment planning can present a bewildering number of options. We will take the time to understand your financial circumstances, and your family dynamics, to give you advice that is tailored to your specific circumstances.

Investment Tax Planning Services

Investments can have complex tax ramifications. We will explain the tax implications and seek ways to make tax efficiencies by maximising your  tax allowance, and minimising potencial tax on assets.

Our Wealth Management Process

At Reeves Financial we start our Wealth Management Services with a complimentary consultation. We call this our “discovery process”. We begin with a fact-finding exercise to understand your Wealth Management, needs and to establish that our services meet your requirements. You get the opportunity to ask questions, so you can be assured we are the Wealth Management Specialists you would like to work with.

During the initial consultation, we will get a feel for your financial situation and what you aim to achieve. After we have identified, and agreed your circumstances, goals, and aspirations, along with your risk tolerance, and capacity for risk, we can begin setting the foundations of planning any investment solutions, and pensions for retirement.

Reassessment of Risk

Once we have agreed a financial strategy for you, we will review your financial position periodically according to your needs. For most clients this happens every 6 months. However, this can be at any time dependent on your specific circumstances and requirements.

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If you would like Wealth Management Advice in or around Horsham, East Grinstead or Crawley, please complete the contact form and one of our professional team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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The value of units can fall as well as rise, and you may not get back all of your original investment. Estate, Inheritance and Tax Planning advice are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. The tax treatment is dependent on individual circumstances and may be subject to change in future 

Wealth Management FAQs

What is Wealth Management?

Wealth Management is a professional financial service that provides customised strategies to grow, protect, and preserve your wealth. It takes a holistic approach to managing finances by assessing your full range of assets and liabilities. The core service encompasses long-term investment management paired with tailored financial planning, which enables the creation of personalised solutions based on your lifestyle, values, and goals.

Key elements of Wealth Management include tax optimisation, estate planning, succession planning, charitable giving, and retirement strategies. By taking a comprehensive 360-degree view of your finances, Reeves Financial can offer ongoing guidance and advice to efficiently protect and grow your wealth in the most tax-efficient and effective way possible.

Reeves Financials’ Wealth Management team specialises in crafting bespoke strategies aligned to each client’s unique circumstances and objectives.

At what point should I get a wealth manager?

The ideal time to engage a wealth manager is when an individual has complex asset portfolios or financial obligations that are proving difficult to coordinate independently.

Wealth Management services also become beneficial when specialised guidance and advice is needed for succession planning, estate planning, retirement planning or other multifaceted needs. There is no definitive asset threshold; the decision to obtain wealth management is a personal one based on an individual’s specific requirements. However, we would typically consider this level of service appropriate for clients with investment or pension portfolios in excess of £500,000.

Even those unsure if their finances warrant dedicated Wealth Management can benefit from an initial consultation to determine if professional advice could assist in achieving long-term financial goals. Reeves Financial is happy to provide this complimentary assessment.

What is the difference between a Wealth Manager and a Financial Advisor?

While some services overlap, Financial Advisors primarily focus on investment portfolio management and financial planning. In contrast, Wealth Managers take a more comprehensive, hands-on approach to fully coordinate and optimise a client’s entire financial picture. Wealth Managers also typically work with high-net-worth individuals while there is no minimum threshold for financial advisory services.

As an independent whole-of-market firm, Reeves Financial provides continuous proactive management tailored to evolving life circumstances, rather than periodic guidance tied to transactions. With specialised expertise, Reeves Financial can facilitate complex planning. Importantly, our Wealth Managers aim to serve as trusted partners, who are invested in each client’s financial success for years to come.

What are the advantages of having a Wealth Manager?

The advantages of partnering with us as your professional Wealth Managers include:

• Customised strategies tailored to your unique financial situation and goals
• Proactive plans to provide for you
• Advice and guidance on helping to optimise finances during major life events like retirement
• Expert investment portfolio advice suited to your needs and risk tolerance
• Reassurance that finances are managed by seasoned professionals
• More time to enjoy life while the wealth management team handles complex tasks

Reeves Financial believes engaged, personal service is vital. Our Wealth Managers combine expertise with insight so you can feel confident entrusting us to make the most of your finances.

Adam Reeves

Author: Adam Reeves

Independent Financial Planner, Wealth Manager, Director

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Vouched For

Adam was quick to assess & understand my situation, and was able to discuss & communicate in a very concise and simple way the various options available to me, taking time for me to understand and clarify where necessary. My understanding & knowledge of taxation & pensions has increased significantly allowing me to feel much happier making financial decisions for the future.

Rob – West Sussex

Adam and his team undertook in-depth research into our existing QROPS schemes and clearly set out both pros and cons of transferring the funds back to the UK. Having decided to go ahead with the transfer, Adam and his team worked extremely hard to facilitate the transfer. The QROPS pension trustees were not always the most professional or responsive organisation – however we were very grateful for the perseverance and commitment that Adam showed us as clients.

Jonathan – East Sussex

Adam offered a range of financial products , the one he suggested was affordable and proved to be a good choice.  Returns on investments have exceeded my expectations, based on Adam’s advice and guidance. Profits have enabled house improvements to take place.

David - Surrey

Adam arranged an appointment very timely, he explained his role and qualifications as an IFA giving me reassurance , we went through my retirement and investment goals. Adam discussed my options explaining in great detail, I felt relaxed during our discussions allowing me to fully understand my choices. I feel very confident in the financial advice allowing me to enjoy my retirement.

I was very happy with Adam’s recommendations and explanations of financial products which would suit my retirement goals, I feel this has helped me review and reduce my financial risk as I reach retirement, leaving me feeling confident that I can enjoy my retirement plans.

Ron – West Sussex

After initial meeting Adam put together a very detailed and thorough written plan. At our second meeting he went through the whole booklet and explained everything in layman’s terms which made it a lot easier to understand.

I am very happy with everything that was suggested and put in place especially with something as big and important as pensions. Adam and his team have taken a huge weight off my shoulders and I would highly recommend their services to anyone needing help with their financial planning and pension.  Adam couldn’t have been more helpful, and even came outside his normal area to meet me on a number of occasions.

Richard - Kent

Unfortunately I had to claim on my critical illness insurance due to my wife being ill and because of the sound advice Adam gave in acquiring this insurance we ended up being financially safe through a tough time.

Steve - Kent

Adam did a review of our financial situation, confirmed that Flexible Drawdown best suited our needs as a family, and then did all the research into the best product for us. He will continue to monitor it for me. He acted extremely promptly because we had a deadline for requiring the lump sum; went out of his way arranging meetings during non-office hours, was professional yet friendly and explained a difficult subject very well.

Clare – East Sussex

Adam did a thorough review of my pension policies, clearly explained how well they had performed, how flexible they were, how the market regulation has changed, and, crucially, what the tax implications would be if I were to leave them untouched. He accurately assessed my attitude to risk and recommended an up-to-date solution that will offer me the greatest flexibility at retirement.

Greg – East Sussex
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