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Pension lifetime allowance

How to stay within the limit to avoid a tax charge

If you’ve been diligently saving into a pension throughout your working life, you should be entitled to feel confident about your retirement. But, unfortunately, the best savers sometimes find themselves inadvertently breaching their pension lifetime allowance (LTA) and being charged an additional tax that erodes their savings. Continue reading “Pension lifetime allowance”

Will your pension run out early?

Impact on people opting for early retirement as a result of the pandemic

An increasing number of people have been forced into early retirement due to the economic impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19), with many worried about how they’ll make ends meet in the future. Because of the pandemic, we are currently in a challenging economic period. The global economy has taken over ten years to recover from the shock of the last financial crisis. Continue reading “Will your pension run out early?”

Time to look at the ‘big picture’?

Happy young couple taking financial advice at home

Discovering the emotional benefits of financial advice

No two individuals share the same goals or ambitions. Each person is unique, with their own needs, targets and budgets. So when it comes to managing your money, building wealth, securing your future and, above all else, drawing up an effective plan for fulfilling your investment objectives, professional financial advice should be tailored to your unique specific needs. Continue reading “Time to look at the ‘big picture’?”

Generation Xers chronically under-saving

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57% face financial difficulty in retirement years

According to The International Longevity Centre UK (ILCUK) report, a substantial proportion of Generation Xers (those born between 1965 and 1980) in the UK face financial difficulty in retirement, with one in three expected to face significant disadvantages.[1]. Continue reading “Generation Xers chronically under-saving”

Funding your child’s future lifestyle!

Multi-generation family having fun together outdoors

Early preparation in life is key to becoming financially independent

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic continues into a second year, we’re learning more and more about its financial impact. While many individuals and families are struggling up and down the country, there is a particular strain placed on the parents of adult children. Continue reading “Funding your child’s future lifestyle!”

The Golden Years?

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Be better off in retirement

Imagine you’re retiring today. Have you thought about how you’re going to financially support yourself, and potentially your family too, with your current pension savings? The run up to your retirement may feel overwhelming, but this is an important time for you and your savings. Continue reading “The Golden Years?”