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The Family Bank

Planning to aid the next generation

According to new research, close to one in five (18%) of parents and grandparents have dipped into their own property wealth to assist their family members in climbing onto the property ladder [1]. Often, they turn to the equity of their homes to gather the needed funds, either through equity release, downsizing or remortgaging.

This group, affectionately known as the ‘Bank of Family’, is increasingly leveraging their property wealth to aid their children’s entry into the housing market.

Using property wealth to facilitate homeownership

A significant 42% of parents and grandparents over 55 have financially supported younger family members for home purchases. They’ve utilised a mix of their savings (68%), investments (22%) and even their pension (14%). However, some have also turned to their property wealth to lend a helping hand.

The nations over-55s hold more than £3.5 trillion in housing wealth[2]. An increasing number of this demographic are unlocking this wealth to offer support. Almost one in five (18%) have used their home to raise the necessary funds for their loved ones’ property purchases, whether through equity release, downsizing or re-mortgaging.

The depth of generational support

Parents and grandparents who gift often provide substantial sums, with the average support amounting to £25,600. Beyond direct financial assistance, a third of parents and grandparents have allowed adult children to move back home while saving for a deposit, saving an estimated £24,900 in outgoings.

Equity release and other financial products that unlock property value require specialist advice. Surprisingly, 72% of parents and grandparents who offered support only sought professional advice after aiding their family members with a house purchase. Consequently, for many, this negatively impacted their financial situation (69%).

Potential financial difficulties later in life

While property is often a significant financial asset for many families, it’s crucial to approach such support carefully. Research indicates that many parents and grandparents do not seek guidance or advice before parting with large sums of money. This is a significant decision and should be cautiously approached to avoid potential financial difficulties later in life.

Later-life lending products, like lifetime mortgages, may be suitable for some over-55s to help family members get on the property ladder. However, these options should only be considered following a conversation with a professional adviser about all available support options.

Need advice to help make the best decisions for your financial future?

If you require further information or need advice on making the best decisions for your financial future and that of your loved ones, take the first step today towards making an informed decision. Contact us for expert advice tailored to your unique circumstances.

Source data:

[1] Unless otherwise specified, all figures drawn from Legal & General’s 2023 Bank of Family Research 2 October 2023.

[2] Office for National Statistics, Household net property wealth by household representative person (HRP) age band: Great Britain, April 2016 to March 2020.


Adam Reeves

Author: Adam Reeves

Independent Financial Planner, Wealth Manager, Director

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Adam was quick to assess & understand my situation, and was able to discuss & communicate in a very concise and simple way the various options available to me, taking time for me to understand and clarify where necessary. My understanding & knowledge of taxation & pensions has increased significantly allowing me to feel much happier making financial decisions for the future.

Rob – West Sussex

Adam and his team undertook in-depth research into our existing QROPS schemes and clearly set out both pros and cons of transferring the funds back to the UK. Having decided to go ahead with the transfer, Adam and his team worked extremely hard to facilitate the transfer. The QROPS pension trustees were not always the most professional or responsive organisation – however we were very grateful for the perseverance and commitment that Adam showed us as clients.

Jonathan – East Sussex

Adam offered a range of financial products , the one he suggested was affordable and proved to be a good choice.  Returns on investments have exceeded my expectations, based on Adam’s advice and guidance. Profits have enabled house improvements to take place.

David - Surrey

Adam arranged an appointment very timely, he explained his role and qualifications as an IFA giving me reassurance , we went through my retirement and investment goals. Adam discussed my options explaining in great detail, I felt relaxed during our discussions allowing me to fully understand my choices. I feel very confident in the financial advice allowing me to enjoy my retirement.

I was very happy with Adam’s recommendations and explanations of financial products which would suit my retirement goals, I feel this has helped me review and reduce my financial risk as I reach retirement, leaving me feeling confident that I can enjoy my retirement plans.

Ron – West Sussex

After initial meeting Adam put together a very detailed and thorough written plan. At our second meeting he went through the whole booklet and explained everything in layman’s terms which made it a lot easier to understand.

I am very happy with everything that was suggested and put in place especially with something as big and important as pensions. Adam and his team have taken a huge weight off my shoulders and I would highly recommend their services to anyone needing help with their financial planning and pension.  Adam couldn’t have been more helpful, and even came outside his normal area to meet me on a number of occasions.

Richard - Kent

Unfortunately I had to claim on my critical illness insurance due to my wife being ill and because of the sound advice Adam gave in acquiring this insurance we ended up being financially safe through a tough time.

Steve - Kent

Adam did a review of our financial situation, confirmed that Flexible Drawdown best suited our needs as a family, and then did all the research into the best product for us. He will continue to monitor it for me. He acted extremely promptly because we had a deadline for requiring the lump sum; went out of his way arranging meetings during non-office hours, was professional yet friendly and explained a difficult subject very well.

Clare – East Sussex

Adam did a thorough review of my pension policies, clearly explained how well they had performed, how flexible they were, how the market regulation has changed, and, crucially, what the tax implications would be if I were to leave them untouched. He accurately assessed my attitude to risk and recommended an up-to-date solution that will offer me the greatest flexibility at retirement.

Greg – East Sussex
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